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Vendor Operations and Quality
Corporate Office
  • Product Quality Issues
  • Product Packaging and Testing
  • Lead Time Analysis
  • Vendor Performance Reports
  • Vendor Portal Help Desk (Level 1)
  • New vendor Training
  • Batch Process – Orders, Inventory and Invoicing

Risk Management
Corporate Office
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Additional Insured
  • Terms and Agreements
  • Product Recall Information


Corporate Office
  • Purchase Order Acceptance
  • Shipment Contents and Timing
  • Inventory Compliance Expectations
  • Packing List (Pack Slip)
  • Packaging Requirements
  • Inventory Vendor Portal
  • Carton Label and Markings
  • Font Size for Carton Label and Markings


Corporate Office
  • Policy Questions
  • Expense Offset Inquiries
  • Debit dispute Resolution
  • Inventory and Drop Ship
  • Transportation Debits


Corporate Office
  • Routing / Carrier Selection
  • Updated Dims/Weights

Corporate Office
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Invoices and Payments
  • Credit Holds

Buying Team
Corporate Office
  • New Product Development
  • New Vendor Set up/Onboarding
  • Product Samples
  • Product Selection Assortment

Phone: (402) 715-3000

Fax: (402) 715-3484


Customer Service Support
Customer Care Center
  • Order Level Questions
  • Customer Service Issues
  • Swatch Program
  • General Debit Inquiries (Returns)
  • Personalization Proofs

Fax: (402) 505-5299

Corporate Office

Hayneedle, Inc.

9394 West Dodge Road, Suite 300

Omaha, NE 68114

(402) 715-3000

Supplier Documents

We value our supplier partnerships and want to make procedures as easy for you as possible. Below you’ll find necessary supplier documents and instructions. If you have questions, always feel free to contact our vendor operations team at Thanks for your support!

Vendor Portal Training Documents

Hayneedle Inc Vendor Portal Training – Drop Ship
Hayneedle Advanced Inventory Upload FAQ
Hayneedle Invoice Upload FAQ
Hayneedle 2019 Holiday Planning Communication
Hayneedle 2019 Holiday Important Shipping Dates

Hayneedle Inc Vendor Portal Training – Inventory


Hayneedle Vendor Compliance Manual - Drop Ship
Hayneedle Tips for Vendor Compliance - Drop Ship

Hayneedle Vendor Compliance Manual - Inventory
Hayneedle PO Special Instructions - Inventory
Hayneedle Inventory Purchase Order - Terms and Conditions

Transportation and Logistics

Hayneedle Routing Guide for Drop Ship Shipments
Hayneedle Routing Guide for Domestic Inventory Shipments
Hayneedle Routing Guide for Import Inventory Shipments


FedEx Packing Test Instructions and Application 2018
Small Parcel FedEx Drop Test
Product Categories Requiring Testing


Hayneedle Juvenile SOP
Hayneedle Juvenile SOP Chart
Bureau Veritas Test Request Form
SGS Hardlines Test Request Form

Package Labeling

Hayneedle Shipping Label Requirements - Drop Ship
Hayneedle Sample Purchase Order - Drop Ship
Hayneedle Sample Pack List - Drop Ship

Hayneedle Item Label Template - Excel - Inventory
Hayneedle Item Label Template - Inventory
Hayneedle UPC Data Template - Excel - Inventory
Hayneedle UPC Data Template - Inventory

Guidelines for Product Assembly Instructions

Standard Assembly Instruction Template
Standard Assembly Instruction Vendor Guide
Belham Living (Indoor) Template AI
Belham Living (Outdoor) Template AI
Boomer & George Template AI
Classic Playtime Template AI
Coral Coast Template AI
Island Bay Template AI
Red Ember Template AI

EDI Requirements

Hayneedle EDI 850 Specifications (Drop Ship)
Hayneedle EDI 810 Specifications (Drop Ship)
Hayneedle EDI 856 Specifications (Drop Ship)
Hayneedle EDI 846 Specifications (Drop Ship)

Hayneedle Trading Partner On boarding Worksheet (Drop Ship)

Sample EDI 850 Data
Sample EDI 810 Data with SAC Charge
Sample EDI 856 Data
Sample EDI 846 with All Codes

LTL Carriers and SCAC Codes
Small Package Carriers and SCAC Codes


Hayneedle Logo - High Resolution - PNG
Hayneedle Logo - High Resolution B&W - PNG Logo - High Resolution PNG Logo - High Resolution B&W - PNG

Customer Service

Hayneedle Return Agreement Options
Vendor Closing Instructions


Hayneedle Invoicing Requirements
Hayneedle Accounts Payable Transition


W-9 Form

Risk Management

Certificate of Insurance Example
Additional Insured Example