Suppliers and Hayneedle

A Positive Partnership

Why it makes sense to partner with Hayneedle:


With over 10 years of consistent growth, Hayneedle has established itself as a leading online retailer for home, work, and play … what does this mean for you? When you partner with Hayneedle, it means a mutually successful, dynamic business relationship with unlimited potential. Sounds good, doesn’t it …


Hayneedle is operated by web pioneers who know how to market our stores, tell your story, and sell your products. Ours is a highly visible marketplace unbound by shelf space or selling seasons, thereby allowing you to present your products to more people than ever before.


Along with our customers, our supplier relationships are of the utmost importance, which is why we stay in touch at every stage of the process. Together we’ll build and enjoy a truly productive relationship.


Let’s get started. Please send us your information in the requested form fields on this page. We’ll be in touch soon, and we thank you for your interest!


Hayneedle Vendor Portal

The Hayneedle Vendor Portal is a one-stop source for a successful partnership. We’re here to assist in making the fulfillment process as easy as possible.
Benefits you’ll enjoy include:

  • Easy-to-manage PO/order receipts and printing capabilities
  • Easy order tracking input and updates
  • Inventory and pricing management
  • Order fulfillment & management capabilities
  • Easy-to-follow training and reference guides

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is widely preferred as the method for today’s business partnerships. The benefits of EDI are numerous, including:

  • EDI is automated, exponentially increasing speed and reducing errors
  • Automated data entry reduces the cost of resources and research/resolution
  • EDI has a positive impact on your ability to serve your customers
  • Easy-to-learn training and support are always provided


Each of our suppliers works closely with a Hayneedle Vendor Operations team. We support many levels of capability across order, payment, and return flows.