Your Future is Calling

Make the most of your strengths while having fun and contributing to something great.

Why We’re Proud

At the Customer Care Center, we provide a positive shopping experience every step of the way – we’re enthusiastic, friendly, and always willing to assist our customers. If you want to work in a casual atmosphere with opportunity for advancement and potential to work from home, Hayneedle is the place for you. Apply today!


Available Positions Include


What is your favorite part of working at Hayneedle:

“My favorite part about working at Hayneedle is the atmosphere. Here you’re just as important as the wonderful customers we serve.”

What is the best part of working from home:

“The best part of working from home is the time and money I save driving to and from work. I don’t have to fill up my tank as often as I did when I was commuting 5 days a week.”

Positive Customer Interaction Story:  

“I took a call l from a gentleman who was upset that a bicycle he ordered for his son for Christmas was back-ordered. I worked with him and we found another bike that would arrive in time. I received recognition when he contacted my supervisor with positive feedback. Win, win!”