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Contributors: Alex, HR; Julia and Cody, Merchandising

Money ChainCyber Monday is one of the biggest days of the year for online retail companies and at Hayneedle, it’s a day we wait all year for!  At Hayneedle, high sales mean a high call volume for our inbound sales team. To make sure we provide an excellent customer experience even with this spike in sales, every year on Cyber Monday employees get a chance to help out by jumping on the phones and taking sales calls.  Folks from finance, HR, marketing, and even the executive team have a chance to experience what a day is like in the life of our Online Retail Specialists.  This program is called Lend-A-Hand, and it is just one of the many examples of the cross-functional work that it takes to make Cyber Monday a success.

Julia and Cody from Merchandising had the following comments about Lend-a-Hand:

“It’s fun to see things on the site from the customer’s perspective and it was a nice way to mix up what I do.  Most of the calls were quick questions, but it was helpful in understanding the business and the site better.  Some items people called about, I didn’t even know we had!  When there were specific questions about a product, I knew who to ask because I either work with the vendors that supply the product, or work closely with the buyer that does.”

To make volunteering for Lend-a-Hand even more enticing, employees who made over $200 sales were rewarded with a money chain necklace, and some of the participants even made $600-$800 sales!  Lend-a-Hand is successful here at Hayneedle only because of the open communication, willingness to learn, and the strong relationships between coworkers.


2015 Interns Reporting for Duty

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2015 Interns BowlingAt Hayneedle we love seeing new faces and fresh ideas. This summer, seven interns joined the Hayneedle team and started making some big impacts right away! A few internships are wrapping up as the school year starts while others will continue through the fall. The interns spent the summer learning the functions that make an ecommerce shop run and contributing to major 2015 initiatives.

The summer wasn’t all work though; we managed to sneak in some fun as well! There were many breakfasts and lunches and even a day at the bowling alley, complete with pizza. The intern team also enjoyed a few extra special perks, like attending a lunch and learn series with each member of the Hayneedle senior leadership team.

One of the interns had this to say about the experience:

“I like the balance of freedom and guidance.  I have enough autonomy to work on things myself, yet am still able to get questions answered when I ask.  I could feel the importance of having a positive environment and supportive relationships the day I started.  I feel privileged to have met and had the opportunity to work closely with everyone here, including senior level employees.  I’m looking forward to continuing my internship and am confident Hayneedle will teach me some valuable skills and lessons.”


Hayneedle Gives Back

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Rebuilding 2015Here at Hayneedle we have been keeping busy in our community! In April we had nearly 70 employees, families, and friends gather to participate in the 20th anniversary of Rebuilding Together Omaha. The organization provides free repairs and accessibility modifications to the homes of elderly and disabled Omaha residents. On top of donating time, Hayneedle also donated several materials being used in the homes for the local Rebuilding Day efforts including vanities, faucets, toilets, and outdoor planters.

The efforts were featured on local news channel KETV.  Check it out!


In May Hayneedle eBlood Drive 2015mployees got to be local superheroes hosting a blood drive for the American Red Cross. Over 40 employees registered and donated 34 units of blood. Carissa, HR Manager, was excited to help out. “Giving others hope through blood donation is a personal passion of mine. I am proud to work for a company and with co-workers that feel the same!” The blood will go to area hospitals, potentially saving over 100 lives!


College Recruiting is in Session!

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The Recruiting team has been on the road visiting nearby colleges to find the top university talent looking for summer internships. What’s exciting about this?  We are growing our team and we want you to grow with us!

This summer, the best and brightest students will have the opportunity to work with our teams in web development, rich internet application development, quality assurance, brand marketing, search engine marketing, and merchandising.  Our interns will work directly with the leaders in their respective areas, contribute to company initiatives, participate in team meetings, be a part of a lunch and learn series with our senior leadership team, and build relationships outside of the office during our summer activities.

As one of the nation’s largest online retailers, staying ahead of the curve is essential. We rely on the enthusiastic, team-oriented attitudes of amazing people to keep the business thriving. If you’d like to learn from the best, be a part of the conversation from the start, and build a solid foundation for your future, don’t be shy—share your story! Apply today and sell us on why you fit the bill as the next all-star addition to our winning team.


Gobble ’til You Wobble

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Contributor: Teri J., Finance

Gobble 'til You Wobble Image 2Before I started working at Hayneedle 3 ½ years ago I had enjoyed many food days, however, I had never experienced an event as wonderful as the annual Gobble ‘til You Wobble food day organized by the 2nd Floor teams each year.  This extravaganza is held on the Friday before Thanksgiving.  Each department is assigned a particular item to contribute.   Ever since that first Gobble ‘til You Wobble food day I wait for the reoccurrence every year.

The event is planned by the Turkey Committee comprised of members from each department on our floor.  Each year I am excited to be a member of this awesome group of dedicated folks.  Our amazing leader, Krista from technology, has the undertaking of organizing the entire event and making sure all the essential food categories are covered. She also takes on the responsibility of bringing the Tums.

This year I passed along my words of wisdom to the new hires that had not yet had the opportunity to experience a Gobble ‘til You Wobble day– wear stretchy, elastic clothing on Friday.


Growing the Brand and Growing the Team

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It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is only weeks away, and we’re getting ready!  In an effort to build the brand and to create awareness around hayneedle.com being an online destination to find everything home, we’ve recently launched some new videos on YouTube.  Check out the links below to see our first video, “The Joneses” and our latest video, “Out with the Old, In with the New”.

The Joneses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEtscFvFs50

Out with the Old, In with the New: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AljBdwBhHU&feature=youtu.be

As our peak approaches, the brand isn’t the only thing we’re growing.  Hayneedle is Hiring! Within the coming months of September and October you’ll be able to find our recruiting team at college career fairs hosted by UNO, UNL, Creighton, and Iowa State in addition to the OmahaJobs community event.

Our recruiting team is also hosting career fairs at our Customer Care Center in search for exceptional candidates to join our team, and will be hosting them for the next few weeks.

What do you need to do? Come by the career fair prepared for onsite assessments and on-the-spot interviews.

What Positions are available?  We will be interviewing for Senior Customer Experience Specialists, Email Service Specialists, Customer Experience Specialists, and Online Retail Specialists.

Career Fair Info CCC MapDodge Career Fair Info


Fun in the Sun

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Summer hours are in full swing and Hayneedlers are enjoying the season by playing some volleyball.  This July 25th the team held the first Hayneedle Volleyball Tournament.  Employees were invited to make teams of four and encouraged to partner up with members of different departments to play in the tournament at Big Red Keno.  Those that prefer not to get too sandy were welcome to come along and cheer on the competitors.

Employees filled up a bracket of 10 teams and many more attended to show support for their co-workers and join in the fun.  It was great to see everyone out there competing, diving for the ball, having a good time, and enjoying the tournament.  Those that stayed all the way through to the final game can attest to how much of a nail biter the tournament turned out to be.  A big “congratulations” goes out to our winners Chris, Logan, Brooke, and Sarah.

VB Playing VB Winners


Hayneedle’s Helping Hands

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Rebuilding Together 2We’re proud of the work we do to make a difference in the communities where we live and work- so we wanted to share a few of our recent efforts!  This spring the Hayneedle team participated in Rebuilding Day, an event hosted by Rebuilding Together.  Rebuliding Day is intended to provide assistance to the elderly and those that are disabled in the local community by providing updates to their homes, which allows them to continue living in their homes for years to come.

Sr. Merchandise Manager, Jill, describes the experience as extremely fulfilling.  “The homeowner was gracious, thankful and appreciative of the help we were able to provide,” says Jill. “She wanted to live in her home for another 20 years and be part of her neighborhood for years to come.”  “We had more than 35 employees, their families, and friends participate,” says Jennifer of Marketing, “it was wonderful to see us all come together to make a difference in the community where we live and work.”

Sarah, a member of the buying team, was impressed to see employees showing off skills they don’t utilize in the workplace.  “We rallied together as a team and did everything that we could to leave the house looking much better than we found it.  I helped out by doing a little drywall work in one of the bedrooms, and some priming/painting.”

Lawn and garden Buyer, Cayden, extended the opportunity to help out to her suppliers and was able to donate a few planters for the house.  “It was so cool to see how excited, happy, and appreciative the home owner was when we were done,” says Cayden.

The efforts to give back continued last month as Hayneedle hosted a blood drive on site to assist with the ever growing need for donations to the American Red Cross.  Hayneedle had 40 registered donors and 37 successful units were collected.  The blood collected at the Hayneedle blood drive will soon be put to use in an area hospital.  Since each pint can help save as many as three patients, the work on this drive could help save up to 111 lives!

“I’m excited to work for a company that gives back to the community,” says Cayden.  According to Jill, “the common theme from fellow Hayneedle employees is what more can I do? Everyone, and I mean everyone, continuously was asking what else they could do, and no one hesitated to dive into the next project.”


Hayneedle Kids at Work

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Contributors: Tiffany S., Technology & Amy K., Finance

Take Your Child to Work 2014 2On Thursday, April 24th Hayneedle hosted 23 kids as part of the national “Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work” day.  “It was a fantastic experience for me and my children,” says Tiffany of the Hayneedle Technology team.  “The kids were able to meet the Hayneedle leadership team and hear how each of them started out in their careers, as well as, what courses of study they still use in their current roles; something that really clicked with the kids!”

“My kids had such a blast!” said Amy of the Finance team.  “What they really enjoyed was getting shot at by tech with nerf guns while they were on the tour and the scavenger hunt on hayneedle.com.  They thought it was pretty cool to be able to search for all of the products and they got to learn a little about the company as well.”

The greatest takeaway according to Tiffany is “for my children to be able to see and feel what a professional workplace environment is and what a positive and exciting company Hayneedle is to work for. Each of them came away with a better understanding of not only my job but clearer understanding of how they want to focus themselves in their studies today so they can prepare for a bright future; the likes of which are possible at Hayneedle.”


Fresh Faces and First Impressions

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a new addition to the Hayneedle team?  One of the newest Hayneedlers had the following to say about her first impressions of the company and becoming our latest “perfect find”.

“I had actually never even heard of Hayneedle; I’d only seen the building through driving by about 100 times” said Stacy, who joined the team in January 2014.  “My first time hearing about the company was when I took a temporary role in the Accounts Payable area.  I immediately loved the atmosphere.  Everyone was really kind to me even though I can be shy. I was hired on full time and I love it!  The people are so genuine and real.  I love that anyone can walk up to the executives and talk about the company…or how wonderful the Boston Red Sox are!”  So what’s the best part about being a Hayneedle new hire?  According to Stacy, it’s the little perks like breakfasts, smoothies, cookies, wearing jeans, and summer hours.   “Everyone is an important part of the company and appreciated.  I am looking forward to learning more about who does what and how we make it all come together.”

Contributor: Stacy H., Finance