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Contributors: Alex, HR; Julia and Cody, Merchandising

Money ChainCyber Monday is one of the biggest days of the year for online retail companies and at Hayneedle, it’s a day we wait all year for!  At Hayneedle, high sales mean a high call volume for our inbound sales team. To make sure we provide an excellent customer experience even with this spike in sales, every year on Cyber Monday employees get a chance to help out by jumping on the phones and taking sales calls.  Folks from finance, HR, marketing, and even the executive team have a chance to experience what a day is like in the life of our Online Retail Specialists.  This program is called Lend-A-Hand, and it is just one of the many examples of the cross-functional work that it takes to make Cyber Monday a success.

Julia and Cody from Merchandising had the following comments about Lend-a-Hand:

“It’s fun to see things on the site from the customer’s perspective and it was a nice way to mix up what I do.  Most of the calls were quick questions, but it was helpful in understanding the business and the site better.  Some items people called about, I didn’t even know we had!  When there were specific questions about a product, I knew who to ask because I either work with the vendors that supply the product, or work closely with the buyer that does.”

To make volunteering for Lend-a-Hand even more enticing, employees who made over $200 sales were rewarded with a money chain necklace, and some of the participants even made $600-$800 sales!  Lend-a-Hand is successful here at Hayneedle only because of the open communication, willingness to learn, and the strong relationships between coworkers.