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Hayneedle’s Helping Hands

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Rebuilding Together 2We’re proud of the work we do to make a difference in the communities where we live and work- so we wanted to share a few of our recent efforts!  This spring the Hayneedle team participated in Rebuilding Day, an event hosted by Rebuilding Together.  Rebuliding Day is intended to provide assistance to the elderly and those that are disabled in the local community by providing updates to their homes, which allows them to continue living in their homes for years to come.

Sr. Merchandise Manager, Jill, describes the experience as extremely fulfilling.  “The homeowner was gracious, thankful and appreciative of the help we were able to provide,” says Jill. “She wanted to live in her home for another 20 years and be part of her neighborhood for years to come.”  “We had more than 35 employees, their families, and friends participate,” says Jennifer of Marketing, “it was wonderful to see us all come together to make a difference in the community where we live and work.”

Sarah, a member of the buying team, was impressed to see employees showing off skills they don’t utilize in the workplace.  “We rallied together as a team and did everything that we could to leave the house looking much better than we found it.  I helped out by doing a little drywall work in one of the bedrooms, and some priming/painting.”

Lawn and garden Buyer, Cayden, extended the opportunity to help out to her suppliers and was able to donate a few planters for the house.  “It was so cool to see how excited, happy, and appreciative the home owner was when we were done,” says Cayden.

The efforts to give back continued last month as Hayneedle hosted a blood drive on site to assist with the ever growing need for donations to the American Red Cross.  Hayneedle had 40 registered donors and 37 successful units were collected.  The blood collected at the Hayneedle blood drive will soon be put to use in an area hospital.  Since each pint can help save as many as three patients, the work on this drive could help save up to 111 lives!

“I’m excited to work for a company that gives back to the community,” says Cayden.  According to Jill, “the common theme from fellow Hayneedle employees is what more can I do? Everyone, and I mean everyone, continuously was asking what else they could do, and no one hesitated to dive into the next project.”