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Hayneedle Kids at Work

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Contributors: Tiffany S., Technology & Amy K., Finance

Take Your Child to Work 2014 2On Thursday, April 24th Hayneedle hosted 23 kids as part of the national “Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work” day.  “It was a fantastic experience for me and my children,” says Tiffany of the Hayneedle Technology team.  “The kids were able to meet the Hayneedle leadership team and hear how each of them started out in their careers, as well as, what courses of study they still use in their current roles; something that really clicked with the kids!”

“My kids had such a blast!” said Amy of the Finance team.  “What they really enjoyed was getting shot at by tech with nerf guns while they were on the tour and the scavenger hunt on hayneedle.com.  They thought it was pretty cool to be able to search for all of the products and they got to learn a little about the company as well.”

The greatest takeaway according to Tiffany is “for my children to be able to see and feel what a professional workplace environment is and what a positive and exciting company Hayneedle is to work for. Each of them came away with a better understanding of not only my job but clearer understanding of how they want to focus themselves in their studies today so they can prepare for a bright future; the likes of which are possible at Hayneedle.”