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Fresh Faces and First Impressions

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be a new addition to the Hayneedle team?  One of the newest Hayneedlers had the following to say about her first impressions of the company and becoming our latest “perfect find”.

“I had actually never even heard of Hayneedle; I’d only seen the building through driving by about 100 times” said Stacy, who joined the team in January 2014.  “My first time hearing about the company was when I took a temporary role in the Accounts Payable area.  I immediately loved the atmosphere.  Everyone was really kind to me even though I can be shy. I was hired on full time and I love it!  The people are so genuine and real.  I love that anyone can walk up to the executives and talk about the company…or how wonderful the Boston Red Sox are!”  So what’s the best part about being a Hayneedle new hire?  According to Stacy, it’s the little perks like breakfasts, smoothies, cookies, wearing jeans, and summer hours.   “Everyone is an important part of the company and appreciated.  I am looking forward to learning more about who does what and how we make it all come together.”

Contributor: Stacy H., Finance