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Healthy Habits at Hayneedle

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At 5:15 every Wednesday evening, you’ll find a group of Hayneedle’s most adventurous practicing sun salutations, warrior sequences, and more. From beginners to experienced yogis, all are welcome to participate in a yoga class led by one of Hayneedle’s own editors, Chelsea Grubbs. Writer by day, yoga instructor by night, our teacher shares her skills and passion with the rest of the Hayneedle team. What began as an offer for anyone interested has developed into a weekly get-together for a group of devoted practitioners. Laughter is a welcome staple as the students explore new ways to stretch and challenge both body and mind.

Yoga GroupThe yoga class is just one of the ways that the Hayneedle team is showing a growing interest in wellness. Earlier this year, Hayneedle announced the development of a new wellness program. The program kicked off in April with a wellness fair that included biometric screening and a health evaluation. In May, employees had the opportunity to learn about healthful summertime cooking during a lunch-and-learn session hosted by a Hy-Vee nutritionist, who shared healthful recipes and safe grilling tips. Hayneedle is also providing employees with an opportunity to eat green this summer by introducing a new Community Supported Agriculture program. Through CSA, members pre-pay for a season-long share and receive a bag of produce each week. It’s a wonderful way to experiment with different foods as well as ensure access to locally grown, organic produce.

The next phase of the wellness program is expected to launch this summer. By investing in the health of our employees, we foster an environment of positivity and fulfillment. We provide lots of options so that every team member may participate!